Thirteen WiFi facts everyone must know

2nd May 2017
Lanna Deamer

WiFi the name as well its logo was invented by Interbrand as a play on words with HiFi or High Fidelity. But how many of us are aware of this earlier? Though we are using the WiFi technology but still there are many of us who are still not known to the various interesting facts and information associated with WiFi technology.

Interbrand, a brand consulting firm was hired by WiFi Alliance. WiFi is the need and essential commodity for many of us. From home to business as well as at public places as a free service WiFi technology is gaining popularity day by day. With IoT (Internet of Things) WiFi has become a suitable match for the technology.

From smartphones, personal computers, laptops, tablets to various gadgets WiFi is used in various devices. Though we use WiFi at home, office or at public places but are we really aware of the facts about WiFi.

Well if yes, then it’s great but if not then you should take a look at the infographic below on '13 Awesome WiFi Facts and Info Everyone Must Know'. This infographic concept and compilation is done by WaveDirect Telecommunications.

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