Two-way 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus meter reading module from Radiocrafts

4th October 2012
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Radiocrafts announced today the new expanded feature set for the 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus module for long range Automatic Meter Reading. The new module includes all features necessary for secure two-way communication between meter and concentrator. The module contains the industry leading Wireless M-Bus stack, supporting all physical layers, MAC layers and frame formats, transport and security layers.
All critical timing for two-way communication is handled by the module, along with very low power features for extended battery lifetime.

The module is fully compliant with the new prEN 13757-4:2011, operating in the new harmonized frequency band for meter reading in Europe. Radiocrafts was the driving force behind the addition of 169 MHz into the EN 13757-4 Wireless M-Bus standard, and was the first to launch a compact 500 mW RF module according to the new standard. The combination of VHF frequency, true narrowband operation and high output power, gives superior communication range and coverage even in urban environments. The typical range is 1.5 km in urban areas and 20-40 km in open terrain with quarter-wave antennas.

Through its contributions to the national and international standardisation work, Radiocrafts has a unique position to support its customers with extensive knowhow in practical AMR system implementation. Radiocrafts RC1180-MBUS 868 MHz Wireless M-Bus module is already a market success with the largest deployment of OMS compliant RF modules in the field. The modules are optimized to meet the national requirements (companion standards) in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

The new RC1700HP-MBUS4 module has an extended feature set to meet time critical requirements in two-way communication, can detect and receive both frame formats in parallel, and support encryption on extended link layer and application layer. The RF module can be used in the meter side, at the concentrator side, or as a standalone repeater. The module is also the smallest in the market, 20% less than closest competition, saving space in size critical applications.

When used at the meter side, it provides very low current consumption in all operating modes; sleep mode, transmit mode and receive mode. The module handles reception time windows automatically, and will automatically enter sleep mode for lowest possible power consumption.
When used at the concentrator side, the module can handle 256 meters storing individual encryption keys internally, and several thousand meters by using an external host controller for expanded key memory. The module detects and checks ELL and APL encryption automatically. An automatic message generator helps to streamline the two-way communication with the meters, making it possible to communicate with thousands of meters from one concentrator.

Meet Radiocrafts at Metering Europe (B07) in Amsterdam, October 9-11, or at Electronica (A4:478) in Munich, November 13-16.

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