Portable wireless display dongle with USB-C launches at CES 2023

21st December 2022
Paige West

EZCast has announced it will be attending CES 2023 where it will display a range of new and updated wireless display products, including the new EZCast Pocket, EZCast Pro QuattroPod T02+, and new features for the EZCast Ultra.

New EZCast Pocket portable wireless display dongle available in USB-C and HDMI

The new EZCast Pocket is a portable wireless display transmitter and receiver kit that allows users to wirelessly mirror their screen so they can conveniently share and watching streaming media services, photos, or apps on a bigger screen. Simply plug and play without installing any apps or connecting to a Wi-Fi network. EZCast Pocket connects with either USB-C for laptops or mobile devices supporting DisplayPort Alt Mode, or HDMI for devices like PCs, Android TV or IPTV boxes, and Blu-ray players. Become a pro at video conferencing by wirelessly controlling your presentation, allowing multitasking via mirroring, or extending a display with ease.

Learn more about EZCast Pocket: https://www.ezcast.com/product/ezcast/pocket  

New EZCast Pro QuattroPod T02+ with HDMI connected document view camera

The new EZCast Pro QuattroPod T02+ is a plug and cast dongle that easily connects to any office laptop or mobile device without needing software installation. It securely transmits the display wirelessly with support 1-to-many display multicasting, as well as 4-to-1 split screen with up to four transmitters. The QuattroPod T02+ enables a document view camera via HDMI and allows anyone in the room, or remote, to present. It supports all major UC platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and others.

Learn more about the QuattroPod T02+: https://ezcast-pro.com/ezcast-proav/quattropod-t02plus/ 

Upgraded EZCast Ultra with to Peer-to-Peer AirPlay mode

Screen mirroring from an iPhone, iPad (iOS) or MacBook (MacOS) is now possible without a Wi-Fi connection, through the new Peer-to-Peer AirPlay feature on the EZCast Ultra. Play and share videos, music and more on a big screen. Simply press the button once on the EZCast Ultra and switch to Peer-to-Peer AirPlay mode.

Learn more about EZCast Ultra: https://www.ezcast.com/product/ezcast/ultra 

Wireless display devices that embrace the USB-C ecosystem

EZCast will be demonstrating its devices embracing the USB-C ecosystem (such as tablets, laptops, and Android phones) that support DisplayPort Alt Mode, including the TwinX universal screen mirroring and extending solution, and Beam J4a portable projector.

The TwinX requires zero configuration and offers one-click operation for Full HD display streaming, while the Beam J4a is an Android-powered portable projector with integrated battery that’s ready to bring up to 4 hours of streaming media anywhere.

Learn more about the EZCast TwinX: https://www.ezcast.com/product/ezcast/twintx 

Learn more about the EZCast Beam J4a: https://www.ezcast.com/product/ezcast/beam/beamJ4a 

Become an expert game streamer with EZCast CatchU

EZCast CatchU supports simultaneous live and standalone video recording with a PC/laptop or gaming console, such as Nintendo Switch, PS5 or Xbox One. With 4K60 HDMI low-latency pass-through built-in it’s easy to setup with one-click to record to USB storage and output at 1080p simultaneously, then simply add your own commentary into the gameplay via headset.

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