Plug-and-play dongle for Android

31st July 2019
Alex Lynn

RF Solutions has announced the launch of the new product, the ‘LoRaLyser’. The LoRaLyser is a plug and play dongle, which plugs into an Android smartphone/ tablet (running an-droid) and provides various graphical displays and information on RF Signals.

User programmable to 868/ 915MHz FM and LoRa spread spectrum operation, this neat little product features an RF Waveform Oscilloscope style display with user configurable trigger level and time base, and RF packet sniffer with signal strength, decoded output a walk test / ping mode displaying received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) and time of flight. 

There is currently nothing available like this on the market, making this a very exclusive product only manufactured by RF Solutions in the UK. Simply download the RF Solutions App, ‘RFS Packet Analyser’ on Google Play store and plug the dongle in. 

LoraLyser provides a handy development tool, for design engineers with embedded Radios or for electricians surveying/installing remote controls. 

This new product is available on the RF Solutions website now and will be available from various distributors around Europe and the USA.

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