60 GHz waveguide transmitter/receiver modules

24th September 2013
Nat Bowers

Pasternack has today announced new 60 GHz Waveguide Transmitter/Receiver Modules (PEM001/PEM002) and Development System (PEM003-KIT). The 60 GHz frequency range is highly desirable to engineers and developers wanting to experiment with transmitting high-bandwidth data at extremely high speeds. Existing solutions currently available are expensive and difficult to integrate into systems.

Pasternack’s solution is equally effective at a fraction of the cost due its Silicon-Germanium construction, making it practical for a wide range of configurations and budgets.

The 60 GHz development system and Tx/Rx modules from Pasternack enable experimentation and development in the globally-unlicensed 60 GHz ISM frequency band. Common applications include point-to-point links, GigE wireless LAN, radiometry, uncompressed HD video, FMCW radar, scintillometry, remote sensing, campus networks, and multi-gigabit wireless communications.

To facilitate rapid evaluation of Pasternack’s 60 GHz waveguide modules, Pasternack has partnered with Vubiq, an industry expert in designing 60 GHz RF systems, to create a development system that makes it easy to design new products and applications in the emerging millimeter wave ISM band. This system makes it easy to effectively operate the Company’s modules with a user-friendly USB/PC interface to test I/Q (vector), FSK and ASK modulation for 802.11ad or 802.11aj or other proprietary applications. The development system includes 60 GHz transmitter/receiver waveguide modules with WR15/WG25 flange interfaces, transmitter/receiver PCBs, board/waveguide mounting brackets, two bench top tripods, GUI software, MCX connector expansion boards, and phased matched MCX to SMA coaxial cables. To enable more effective experimentation and system development, Pasternack also offers compatible low and high gain horn antennas to support variable range testing. Pasternack’s 60 GHz Tx/Rx modules are sold individually, but are designed to work as a pair for optimum performance.

The new 60 GHz SiGe waveguide modules and development system are in-stock and available to ship from Pasternack now.

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