Mouser adds wireless mesh network module line

3rd June 2021
Mick Elliott

Mouser Electronics has announced a global distribution agreement with NeoCortec, supplier of what are said to be the world's smallest ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network modules.

According to the agreement, Mouser will offer customers NeoCortec's range of wireless connectivity devices, including network modules and breakout boards.

NeoCortec's mission is to develop new mesh technologies and solutions for wireless sensor networks, allowing large-scale routing networks to operate in real time while simultaneously reducing power consumption.

The NC1000 and NC2400 are pin-compatible wireless mesh network modules for sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz bands, respectively.

Engineers can add an antenna and power to create a fully functional wireless mesh network node.

The modules offer a generic application layer that can be easily configured to support application needs, and include a Neomesh protocol stack for ultra-low power and reliability.

A small form factor makes them a suitable choice for compact products.

Pre-certified for major markets, including European CE, United States FCC and Canada, the modules support a broad range of applications, including automatic meter reading, industrial automation, home control, and alarm and security systems.

NeoCortec's Neomesh Mini PCI Express (PCIe) interface modules incorporate an onboard NC1000-8, NC1000-9, or NC2400 module and make it possible to quickly and easily create an industrial-grade gateway when used with NeoCortec's open-source NeoGW Linux Gateway software.

Capable of being used on a Raspberry Pi or other Linux-based single board computer as well as with a PC, the Neomesh Mini PCIe modules include an integrated USB interface to enable the modules' two UARTS to be connected to a PC.

NeoCortec's FWNC breakout boards are used with the NC1000-8, NC1000-9, and NC2400 modules.

The breakout boards support two modes of use, operating as a stand-alone breakout board or as a FeatherWing add-on board compatible with Adafruit Feather development boar

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