Management system efficiency with cellular signal strength analysers

31st January 2019
Alex Lynn

British designer and manufacturer of wireless connectivity and test products, Siretta, has announced that METRIC Group, Global Specialist in Parking Management Systems, has chosen SNYPER cellular analysers to help find the most reliable networks for collecting and sharing data between parking machines and central office.

Real-time two-way communications over 4G (mesh), 3G, 2G (GPRS), GSM, LAN networks are vital for the exchange of data that enables METRIC to manage its terminals, including synchronisation of clocks, remote configuration of machines, management of tariffs and machine alarms. Examples of data required include warnings on coin box status or if machines are running low on tickets. At the same time, data on all transactions must be instantly accessible by the management office for statistical analysis and auditing.

Reliable communications are also essential between the parking office and enforcement or maintenance personnel who can be informed of the status of any machine in real-time via text or e-mail on web-enabled devices.

METRIC chose the Siretta SNYPER signal strength analysers because it needed a solution that could determine rapidly if they were using the best possible connection and/or most suited mobile network operator (MNO) between the parking machines and the office.

Reliability of these connections is absolutely vital for the smooth operation of METRIC’s systems and the SNYPER signal strength analysers deliver this across LTE (4G) / UMTS(3G) and GPRS(2G) networks for the European frequency bands. Also, through the use of multi-directional antennas supplied by Siretta, METRIC is able to decide on optimum antenna placement, aligning them with pin-point accuracy and assessing the performance of antenna systems using base-station signals that the SNYPER units detect.

The portable, robust and battery-operated SNYPER units, with up to 48 hours of operation between charges, use intuitive menus that simplify their operation, making it easy to carry out cellular surveys of the local area while generating results in CSV or HTML format. This means the management office can quickly access spreadsheet data obtained from multiple surveys and/or see that data in the form of charts supported by summary data.

The latest addition to the SNYPER range of cellular signal strength analysers is the SIM-free SNYPER-LTE Graphyte which offers various features not built into the units deployed by METRIC, including menus with pre-set configurations and the ability for users to carry out lengthy surveys without having to be present. The first signal analyser in the world that allows up to 500 surveys to be logged sequentially, automatically and unattended, the SNYPER-LTE Graphyte can measure signal strengths for 2G, 3G and LTE networks either individually or simultaneously and record up to a week’s worth of data automatically at the end of a surveying period.

Other features that can significantly boost the efficiency and productivity of users include a USB port. This makes it easy to download detailed and time-stamped logs of cellular signal strengths which can then be broken down by base station, mobile network operator and network level.

Siretta is a leading supplier of wireless product solutions, specialising in the areas of wireless terminals, antennas, cable assemblies and connectors/adaptors. The company’s expertise in wireless technology has enabled it to create a broad product range backed by a high level of technical support and advice that adds significant value to customers’ designs.

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