Omniflex Gets Data Wirelessly to your SCADA System

10th September 2012
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Omniflex have today announced the release of the Teleterm M2Re RTU. The Teleterm M2Re RTU from Omniflex is designed for remote monitoring and control applications where cable installations are impractical or too expensive. The RTU makes such applications simple to achieve and low cost to install by including a built-in Radio, Antennae and an Ethernet port.
Perfect For Applications where Cable Installations are Impractical. The M2Re RTU can be used to send & receive data, status, measurements etc wirelessly (operating on licence free radio frequency) from one location to another and conveniently pass data directly to DCS or SCADA systems via the built-in Ethernet port.

Also programmable in Isagraf, an industry standard programming environment for all five IEC61131-3 programming languages, the M2Re provides the ability for control and custom logic.


The RTU is equipped with 12 universal I/O ports that can be configured for analogue or digital inputs/outputs, depending on the desired application.

Cost Effective Wireless Solution for Remote Monitoring & Control:
Typical Applications include Remote Stop/Start of Pumps, Environmental & Remote Monitoring and Small Substation Monitoring to name but a few.

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