Fibre optic matrix switches available in all applications

26th June 2019
Alex Lynn

In Germany, manufacturers of optical matrix switches, HUBER + SUHNER Polatis' network components are now also distributed by LASER COMPONENTS, thus broadening the reach of this product range. The right switch series is available for each area of application and each network structure.

The 3000 series is available for multi-mode applications with up to 16 x 16 channels, the 6000 series is available for eight by eight channels to 192x192 channels, and the protection service switches of the 6000n PSS series are available for 16x16 channels.

The 7000 series for 384x384 channels is the cream of the crop. These matrix switches support all modern network management protocols. Since they are equipped with NETCONF and RETCONF control interfaces on a standard basis, they can also be used in software-defined networks (SDNs).

Fibre optic matrix switches are important components for data transmission in fibre optic networks and test environments. Their fields of application range from data centres to telecommunications, network monitoring, and government applications.

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