Dual-mode Analogue PMR and Digital PMR (dPMR®) Baseband Processor

13th July 2011
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The 8341FI-1.x Function Image™ (FI) implements a half-duplex digital PMR processor including: a 4FSK modem, a large proportion of the dPMR® Air Interface; Physical, Data Link and Control layers, and an embedded low bit rate RALCWI™ vocoder
In conjunction with a suitable host and a limiter/discriminator based RF transceiver, a compact, low cost, low power digital PMR radio conforming to ETSI’s dPMR® standard: TS 102 490 can be realised.
Both ISF and CSF configurations are supported, including built-in support for BCD addressing modes. Dual mode, analogue/digital PMR operation can also be achieved with the CMX8341.

The device is also compatible with ETSI’s dPMR® standard TS 102 658 for Mode 1 operation.
The embedded functionality of the CMX8341, managing voice and data systems autonomously including the vocoder minimises host microcontroller interactions enabling the lowest operating power and therefore the longest battery life for a dPMR® radio.

The CMX8341 utilises CML’s proprietary FirmASIC® component technology.
On-chip sub-systems are configured by a Function Image™: this is a data file that is uploaded during device initialisation and defines the device's function and feature set.
The Function Image™ can be loaded automatically from an external serial memory or host µController over the built-in C-BUS serial interface. The device's functions and features may be enhanced by subsequent Function Image™ releases, facilitating in-the-field upgrades.

Other features include two auxiliary ADCs with four selectable inputs and four auxiliary DAC interfaces (with an optional RAMDAC on the first DAC output, to facilitate transmitter power ramping).

The device has flexible powersaving modes and is available in a 100-pin LQFP package.

* RALCWI™ is a trademark of CML Microsystems Plc.
* FirmASIC® is a registered trademark of CML Microsystems Plc.
* dPMR® is a registered trademark of the dPMR MoU.

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