Cloud Ground Control enables remote control of unlimited uncrewed systems

25th April 2023
Kristian McCann

Cloud Ground Control has announced the launch of its cellular micro-modem CGConnect. Using 4G/5G networks, CGConnect links any uncrewed vehicle to Cloud Ground Control's cloud-based drone fleet management platform, enabling live-streaming, command and control from a web browser.

Cloud Ground Control is a SaaS platform that supports multi-user and multi-vehicle operations, making it applicable for robotic enterprises with a myriad of robotic fleets for emergency, security, construction, asset inspection, agriculture and environmental purposes.

Fast track into the cloud with CGConnect

"Enterprises who rely on drones and robotics for business operation often own a diverse range of uncrewed vehicles that may not be compatible with one another. CGConnect is designed to solve this pain point by linking them to the Cloud Ground Control platform, regardless of manufacturer or model, turning them into a holistic, connected fleet," said Michal Weiss, Head of Product at Cloud Ground Control.

Plug and play connectivity
Using CGConnect, remote users gain instant access to Cloud Ground Control's rich features, including real-time telemetry, cloud storage, video and payload data, all from a web browser simultaneously. Weighing only 55g with similar sizing to a credit card, CGConnect is easily integrated into any product design, offering the following benefits:

• Open platform - The flexible and customisable open platform operates on the MAVLink standard. This multiplies potential product applications and enables diverse autonomous vehicles and payloads to operate as a coordinated fleet.
• Robotic agnostic - Works flexibly with open-sourced libraries and is agnostic to the type of technology and vehicle enterprises may wish to use.
• White labelled - Available as a white label product, allowing users to rebrand the user interface in seconds to complement business branding and coding requirements.
• High-grade security - Utilizes military-grade encryption and authentication to safeguard data and IP from vulnerabilities and security breaches, helping users meet compliance obligations.
• Simple and accessible - Revolutionizes multi-drone operation by making it simple, cost effective and accessible to users of every skill grade.
• AI modelling - The platform runs AI algorithms in the cloud, relaying real-time camera feed data to the end user to support versatile missions, such as object detection, tracking and thermal imaging.
• Edge AI - CGConnect supports edge AI to perform intensive object identification and classification directly on the vehicle for dynamic missions.

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