ANADIGICS Expands Family of 4G Power Amplifiers

2nd December 2011
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ANADIGICS, Inc. has announced the expansion of its mobile 4G power amplifier (PA)family. The new AWM6268WiMAX/LTE power amplifier provides world-class linearity and integration similar to that of ANADIGICS’ current WiMAX solutions, while increasing output power to deliver greater range and throughput in the 2.5 GHz to 2.7 GHz frequency band.
This device also delivers exceptional linearity and output power for LTE applications. ANADIGICS’ 4G power amplifiers are optimized for high data rate broadband wireless devices, such as smartphones, notebook PCs, netbooks, data cards, and Wi-Fi hotspots.

“While LTE technology continues to gain traction, mobile broadband system operators around the world continue to deploy and expand WiMAX networks, offering new WiMAX-enabled devices to support the rapidly increasing demand for wireless data,” said Glenn Eswein, director of product marketing for broadband RF products at ANADIGICS. “ANADIGICS remains at the forefront of WiMAX RF performance by providing power amplifiers that enable longer range and higher throughput, while maximizing battery-life. These performance advantages have been validated by volume shipments of our existing WiMAX PA products, and through design wins with the new AWM6268 power amplifier.”

The expansion of ANADIGICS' 4G power amplifier family demonstrates our commitment to innovation and product excellence, said Joe Cozzarelli, senior director of broadband RF products at ANADIGICS. As 4G applications evolve, it is becoming more evident that the performance of the PA affects network performance and the user experience directly. The new AWM6268 power amplifier enables a wider range of these applications by delivering enhanced linear output power and efficiency.

In WiMAX applications, the AWM6268 PA provides best-in-class linearity and high power added efficiency of 25% at +26 dBm output power to help maintain excellent battery-life under the most demanding, data-intensive usage scenarios. For LTE, the PA delivers high linearity and 33% power added efficiency at +28 dBm output power. The AWM6268 uses a footprint, a pin-out, and controls that are compatible with the earlier AWT6264 PA. ANADIGICS’ complete family of 4G PAs is manufactured using the Company’s advanced InGaP HBT MMIC technology, which offers state-of-the-art reliability, temperature stability, and ruggedness.

ANADIGICS AWM6268 4G WiMAX/LTE PAKey Facts and Highlights:

Industry-Leading Performance

2.5% EVM and 25% power added efficiency at +26 dBm WiMAX output power

Meets WiMAX Spectrum Emissions Mask limits at +26 dBm output power

33% power added efficiency at +28 dBm LTE output power

Meets UTRA adjacent channel power limits at +28 dBm output power

Low off-state leakage current for extended battery life

High Level of Integration

4 mm by 4 mm by 1 mm package, footprint- and pin- compatible to other products in its family

Integrated step attenuator

Integrated RF input and output impedance matching circuits

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