6LoWPAN mesh network for long range and low power

4th August 2022
Kiera Sowery

Radiocrafts has released features to its wireless IP mesh solution, RIIM, to support low power, data throughput, robustness, and scalability.

Radiocrafts AS, a provider of RF modules and wireless connectivity solutions, announced today a new release for RIIM with major upgrades including:

  • Improved battery lifetime by more than 50%
  • Sleep current as low as 2.5 µA
  • Improved maximum data throughput to the Border Router (Gateway) by 20 times
  • Network robustness improved to 99.99% with synchronized channel hopping and frequency agility
  • Modbus and RS485 support to meet industrial control market requirements
  • Additional compliance to radio regulations in India and Vietnam
  • Easier commissioning
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) outputs for analogue control
  • Multicast (one-to-many) performance improvements reducing on-air communication time
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code support for a more user-friendly coding experience

RIIM (Radiocrafts Industrial IP Mesh) was released in December 2018 as an embedded RF system designed to be an all-inclusive, easy-to-use, long range wireless communication mesh solution providing unmatched robustness and scalability. RIIM utilises 6LoWPAN, a lightweight version of IPv6 allowing the user to access each sensor or controller from the internet using IP addressing. The radio protocol uses IEEE 802.15.4 g/e providing symmetrical bi-directional communication with short transmission pulses that enable dense networks with high reliability and very low power consumption. A customer developed application software can run on top of the embedded operation system, reducing overall cost and improve integration.

“Radiocrafts has always been focused on enabling customers to get fast to market with proven quality," said Peder Martin Evjen, Managing Director at Radiocrafts. “Based on feedback from high-profile customers over the years, Radiocrafts has continuously upgraded our state-of-the-art mesh solution to meet these customers’ unique requirements. Today, RIIM is renowned as an industry leading solution for various applications including, solar panel and inverter installations, smart street lighting, smart irrigation, emergency lighting, building automation, and several other industrial sensor and control applications”

RIIM is low cost, does not require any license or subscription, and is very low power. Hardware and software development kits are available now.

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