Toradex introduces early access for Titan EVK with NXP

7th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

Toradex has launched its early access programme in partnership with NXP Semiconductors, featuring the Titan Evaluation Kit that leverages NXP’s i.MX 95 Applications Processors.

The announcement was made during the NXP Tech Day on 3rd October in Detroit, Michigan.

Advancing industrial IoT and edge capabilities

The kit aims to bolster development processes for machine vision and edge computing applications across various sectors, including automotive, Industry 4.0, robotics, healthcare, and smart office environments. It promises to streamline the progression from concept to mass production, supported by accelerated deployment, enhanced security, and superior performance.

A strategic partnership

Dan Loop, Vice President and General Manager of Automotive Edge Processing at NXP, expressed enthusiasm: “We are excited to have Toradex as the first early access embedded solution partner for i.MX 95 applications processors. The Toradex i.MX 95 Titan EVK will allow access to our latest i.MX 9 family with the most advanced features we have offered on the platform to date."

This collaboration has been pivotal in enabling the integration of i.MX 95 applications processors into a wide range of market applications.

Key features of the Titan EVK

The Titan EVK stands out with its scalability and array of functionalities, such as LPDDR5 memory and diverse connectivity options, including an optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet port. It provides compatibility with various peripheral devices, catering to the increasing needs for functional safety, compliance with security standards, and energy efficiency.

Toradex has meticulously selected components that facilitate the adoption of automotive-grade elements in customers’ bespoke designs, ensuring a seamless shift from the development phase to production.

Recognition from the industry

The early access initiative has received acknowledgment for its potential to refine the development path and encourage faster uptake in pivotal market segments.

Programme participation

The early access scheme for the Titan EVK is presently active, with limited availability. Prospective participants can apply for the programme through the Toradex website.

Toradex’s commitment to reliable computing

Since 2004, Toradex has been known for its highly reliable System on Modules and embedded software, partnering with NXP since 2014. The company's SoMs facilitate seamless transitions across the i.MX 6, 7, and 8 series, enabling scalable application performance and feature sets. Additionally, Toradex offers Torizon, a fully-fledged industrial Linux OS and IoT platform, augmented by an extensive array of online resources, a solid partner ecosystem, and worldwide support services.

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