The balancing robots that can interact with each other

9th October 2017
Lanna Cooper


Oxfordshire-based start up company, KLiK Robotics have created a range of self balancing robot kits to inspire students to engage in projects learning about programming, robotics and electronics in the process.

T-BOTS use a combination of accelerometers and gyroscopes on a single chip to precisely measure the tilt. This information is used to calculate the necessary motor response for the robot to maintain its balance. There are numerous ways of achieving this; both simple and complex.

The T-BOT has an ultrasound distance-measuring module for eyes, providing the user with scope to write algorithms for the robots to interact with their environment or each other.

The Bluetooth module allows you to control the robot using your smart phone or PC.

The software is written in C/C++ which, according to IEEE SPECTRUM, is the computer language most in demand by recruiting companies. The software is free for you to download, modify or completely rewrite. If the campaign is successful, we will be setting up a forum for you to share your code with the community. We recommend the Arduino development platform. Check out the S4A project too.

A little skill is required to control them, more to control them well, making battle play both tense and exciting. The rules for battle play are simple. You must make contact at least once and knock your opponent over while remaining upright yourself. We played many games, but this one had us hooked.

T-BOTS have been designed to engage as many elements of human creativity as possible. From designing your own T-BOT skins, inventing your own games, learning to program using the Arduino development platform or Scratch (S4A), understanding the physics of balance and dynamic stabilisation, all the way up to advanced control theory. Or you can just assemble the robot, download the software and play. T-BOTS are an excellent example of a STEAM product that is genuinely fun.

A T-BOT was used to help film the campaign video. The model for for the dolly adaptor can be made freely available for 3D printing.

The design is complete, the company have working prototypes, the quotes and lead times are in. KLiK Robotics are ready to go on completion of a successful campaign. 

Technical specifications 

  • Durable 5mm acrylic chassis
  • Arduino based micro controller
  • MPU-6050 accelerometer and gyroscope
  • TB6612FNG driver board
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasound Module
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Cascading PID controller
  • N20 DC Motors
  • Battery compartment/Anti-shock retainer 

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