Robotics and big data start-ups at automatica

8th June 2018
Lanna Cooper

This year for the first time, the Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation (MWCapital) will take part in automatica, the exhibition for Smart Automation and Robotics, to be held from 19th-22nd June in Munich. MWCapital teams up with Messe München organising the automatica Start-up Arena in the Future and Innovation Hall B4. This will be the epicenter for entrepreneurs, investors and major corporations looking for technological solutions that are intended to yield extraordinary changes in Industry 4.0. 

RobotUnion, the European Commission-backed specialist robotics accelerator programme, rewards a finalist with a wildcard for its acceleration programme.

Over the four days, MWCapital will not only encourage networking amongst different agents to consolidate the ecosystem in robotics applied to the industry, but will also focus on boosting engagement amongst start-ups and investors. One of the major attractions is the presence of the venture capital firm RedStone and Paua Ventures, the VC company specialised in early-stage B2B startups.

The first 22 start-ups selected to be part of the Start-Up Arena are:

  • Acytx (Germany): Accessible software for factories based on smart apps, reliable integrations and powerful devices.
  • Eiratech Robotics (Ireland): A start-up that develops adapted robotics systems and has designed Eiratech, an automated warehouse in which vehicles are managed by a wireless network.
  • Faromatics (Spain): An agri-food sector startup that develops robots to improve the welfare of animals, their diet and environment, and the productivity of farmers.
  • Purple Robotics (Denmark): Collaborative robotics applications aimed at the industry and designed for easy, safe human-machine interaction.
  • Rise technologies (Germany): A platform offering collaboration and support for industrial services based on the use of communication tools, smart glasses and augmented reality.
  • RoVi Robot Vision (Germany): The first sensor with incorporated cameras for robots that simplifies the mechanics, hardware and handling of robotic arms.
  • Scortex (France): A platform in which manufacturing companies can ensure quality control through data monitoring with a view to improving production processes.
  • Toposens (Germany): A startup that has developed the first ultrasound-based 3D sensor system for locating objects and people in real time.
  • Viscopic (Germany): A software company that specializes in mixed reality technologies and CAD (computer-aided design) data processing.
  • WiTraC (Spain): A technology company that specializes in high-performance, low-consumption integral wireless solutions adaptable to each customer’s specific requirements.
  • TruPhysics (Germany): A software/hardware solution for creating and handling 3D content in virtual and augmented reality.
  • Skyx (Israel): An agricultural-robotics technology company enabling a modular swarm of autonomous drones for agriculture spraying.
  • Newsight Imaging (Israel): A start-up that develops 3D CMOS advanced image sensors for applications such as automotive, robotics and industry 4.0.
  • Juconn (Germany): A start-up that provides a disruptive and innovative IoT platform with the focus in Industry 4.0, transportation and robotics.
  • InnoRoute (Germany): A leading-edge company focused on software-defined and time-sensitive networking, which offers turnkey solutions and rapid prototyping for industry and research institutes in the areas of IoT, Industry 4.0 and 5G.
  • Awen Collective (United Kingdom): A company developing next-generation software-based solutions to help reduce the time and money spent on digital forensics and incident responses on industrial control systems, such as those found in critical infrastructure (energy, water), advanced manufacturing (incl. Industry 4.0) and care robotics.
  • torakku (Spain): A company that combines the best location and identification technologies to feed an intelligent, highly scalable and flexible IoT based real time location system, that registers the movements and position of the desired asset, with high precision and with minimal infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  • Linces3D (Spain): A start-up that provides a proprietary content management and file sharing platform based on blockchain, that hinders unauthorized distribution, proves ownership and protects unrestricted reproduction of any digital assets.
  • Gerotor (Germany): A company that provides an active energy management for the automated Industry 4.0. Their cyber physical system is based on the most advanced flywheel energy storage technology combined with smart services and self-learning intelligence.
  • smapOne AG (Germany): A start-up which helps companies to turn their ideas into apps.
  • SARKKIS Robotics (Portugal): A software company focused on the development of offline programming software for industrial applications.
  • RobotikUm (Sweden): A company which is developing a new technology for enabling dynamic manipulation in robotic systems.

The automatica Start-Up Arena will also present RobotUnion, the European Commission-backed specialist robotics accelerator programme. At automatica 2018, RobotUnion will run a workshop on raising finance for Industry 4.0 start-ups. At the trade fair, one start-up will be rewarded with a wild card to present its project directly before the selection jury of RobotUnion.

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