Robotic vacuum cleaner can schedule cleans via app for users

15th May 2018
Lanna Cooper


Sales of smart home gadgets in the UK in 2018 are predicted to reach over £2m in 2018 and increase to just over £4m by 2022. While some technology enthusiasts can hardly wait for the latest home gadgets, others are still reluctant to follow the trend. ECOVACS ROBOTICS is offering the right robotic vacuum cleaner for everyone, from smart gadget novices to technology fanatics.

Easy one-button-operation for newcomers
Any technophobe should be introduced to smart gadgets one small step at a time. The entry-level models of ECOVACS ROBOTICS vacuum cleaner robots can autonomously clean with a simple push of a button.

When running low on battery, the robot returns itself to the charging station. All the owner will need to do is to empty out the dustbin once a week. Entry-level models, such as the DEEBOT SLIM 2, are available from ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

App control and scheduled cleans for the modern user
Easy to use, the smart robotic vacuum cleaners can be controlled with the ECOVACS app and cleaning cycles can be scheduled in advance, for optimal functionality. Through the app, the robots can be switched on and off for its routine clean as well as being manually directed to a specific area, practically turning the smartphone into a remote control.

These robots also are loaded with special cleaning settings including edge mode, where it focuses on the boundaries of the room, and spot mode, where it will intensively clean a specific location. The best robotic vacuum cleaner for this function is the DEEBOT M81Pro.

Trend-setting mapping function for the technology enthusiast
Robotic vacuums from ECOVACS ROBOTICS for the technology enthusiast include the DEEBOT DR95MKII, entice the enthusiast with its many smart functions. Using laser technology, the robots scan their environment and create a virtual map. This way they can identify their location within the apartment independently and plan the most efficient cleaning route.

The cleaning route can then be adjusted and tracked through the ECOVACS app, even when they’re out the house. The app also allows virtual boundaries to be mapped out, cleaning plans to be created and the selection of a specific cleaning mode. Statistics on the performance of the vacuum cleaner can also be tracked after one working day.

The journey continues: vacuuming and mopping in tandem
For those buffs who still want more, ECOVACS have created a robotic vacuum cleaner that can also mop the floor! The DEEBOT OZMO 930 for example, combines vacuuming and mopping. Equipped with an electronically controlled water tank, the device can clean an entire floor.

These robots have been programmed to detect carpet, to ensure it stops mopping and increases suction for a deeper clean. Voice control and the ability to remember multiple floor maps are in the final stages and will be launched soon.

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