Robotic exhibition solutions to increase engagement at events

1st December 2020
Lanna Deamer

In response to the shifting environment in the events and trade show industry due to COVID-19, Cheetah Mobile introduced its exhibition solutions powered by three AI-driven service robots: GreetBot, EngageBot and FanBot.

Deployed together, these robots help event planners and exhibitors provide a new, COVID-safe way to offer attendees an enhanced, interactive and immersive experience, while maintaining social distancing - whether in-person or online.


The GreetBot provides contactless check-in, event information and venue layout guidance for in-person attendees. The GreetBot is available in multiple models to provide additional functionality, including ID Certification and Thermo for touchless temperature readings.

For online visitors, the GreetBot can respond to real-time inquires, as well as provide virtual venue tours, allowing remote participants to visit different destinations as if they were in person. For example, at the 2020 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition (Auto China), online attendees voted for the automobiles they wanted to see, and the GreetBot displayed their top choices, creating an engaging experience.


The EngageBot can display detailed event information on its large screen to on-site attendees, such as the event agenda and venue map, as well as respond to participant questions via voice control. Utilising advanced AI technology, the EngageBot acts as an on-the-ground marketing agent, eliminating human contact.


With a maximum load capacity of 50kg (110 lbs.), the FanBot is an autonomous mobile vending machine that proactively offers snacks and drinks to in-person event participants. Providing contactless service, it actively seeks consumers as it roams the halls of the venue, aiming to anticipate attendees’ needs.

To best serve event participants, the Exhibition Robots leverage OrionStar’s Speech OS, a powerful open operating system. It enables them to meet a speech accuracy of more than 90%, respond in 1.5 seconds or less, and detect consumers’ needs within a 5-metre radius.

“Understanding that many events in 2021 will be virtual, and in-person events will be different, we developed a solution to enable the event industry to continue to provide engaging experiences to attendees,” said Cheetah Mobile. “We see this as another opportunity for humans and robots to work together and better the world we live in.”

The OrionStar AI Technology

All three robots are driven by the OrionStar AI Technology that seamlessly integrates six components to bring its industry-leading robots to life, including voice technologies (mouth), speech-to-text natural language processing (ears), facial recognition and emotion perception (eyes), indoor navigation (legs), six-axis commercial grade robotic arms (hands), and industry-leading chip and proprietary AI algorithms (brain).

Multiple Real-world Applications

Earlier this year, 30 Exhibition Robots walked around the show floor at the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), assisting attendees throughout. Available in different models, the Exhibition Robots are customisable and offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to specific events - such as concerts, museums, trade shows and more.

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