Partnership for million-euro robotic manufacturing project

4th July 2018
Alex Lynn

A new partnership between EID Tech and Scanditron aims for synergy benefits by starting a close cooperation. Scanditron and EID Tech have now been awarded their first order in this cooperation, with the first joint customer operates in the telecommunication field.

EID Tech is in charge of delivering part handling and packaging lines based on modular robotics solutions, while Scanditron is responsible for project management and the system’s lifecycle service.

The million-euro project will be delivered at the end of 2018. The intelligent and modular robot solution enables the processing of production batches of different sizes.

Jari Jaakola, Automation Project Manager of Scanditron, stated: “Automation companies like EID Tech, who can combine devices, robots, mechanics and software, in particular, into a comprehensive solution, are not common in Europe. Their thinking ‘out of the box’ allows totally new ways to automate the phases of the production processes. I have never seen anything like it.”

The lines are equipped with a three level security system, which allows for the human and the robot to work side by side. High level control systems, various security components and the newest safety technology are combined in an innovative way.

Jari Jaakola added: “The robot solution also enables the cost efficient implementation of the automation line, because in this case, for example, the customer was able to make significant savings in their other investments. In addition, the robots will decrease the need for human labour in production,”

EID Tech has developed a modular robot solution as a part of the fully automated ANT Plant Microfactory. 

Paavo Käkelä, Sales Director of EID Tech, explained: “We have been developing our industrial innovation for the last few years. It has generated interest especially on the US market, where the fully automated Microfactory is a way of reshoring the domestic manufacture of electronics instead of importing merchandises from cheap labour countries”.

Cooperation with Scanditron is valuable for EID Tech as it gives the ability to offer bigger projects and Scanditron’s wide network helps EID Tech to find new global prospects. EID Tech is ready to tackle the challenges of growth with the help of an excellent network of subcontractors and precise recruitment.

Scanditron, which operates in the Nordic countries, Poland and the Baltic countries, has found a partner in EID Tech for the implementation of projects in the Automation Solutions business unit of Scanditron which was established last autumn.

Björn Johnsson, Business Area Manager of Production Technology of Scanditron, commented: “We have identified comprehensive automation projects as a growing branch of business. The electronics industry continues to strive to reduce the amount of manual labour, even though it already utilises robots and devices for various work phases. Extensive automation expertise is in demand to connect entities.”

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