New robots easily integrate into the production line

20th June 2018
Alex Lynn

At Automatica, it was announced by Omron that it will be introducing a new line of SCARA robots. Named the “i4,” the new generation of SCARA robot aim to save space during installation, and allow easier configuration into existing production lines. To see and experience the new i4 SCARA visit Booth 310 in the B5 Hall at Automatica.

The i4 line features better communication through EtherCAT, enabling synchronisation between other automation devices. This facilitates advanced assembly, inserting and mounting processes that require high accuracy and demanding throughput, as well as quality control with vision integration.

Also, i4 visualises working data and supervises its status with the world’s first built-in signals for preventive maintenance, allowing users to mitigate unplanned downtime. The features of the i4 make it possible for this new SCARA line to meet the demands of mass customisation, aiming to allow manufacturers to produce high mixes of products at low volume to offer a wider array of goods to people.

Main features:

Fast and Easy Installation: The compact controller (iCS) is fully integrated into a base, minimising footprint and less wiring with no flyover cable. The i4 also has an EtherCAT module, connected directly on the robot controller and arm, which allows users more flexibility in configuring the equipment. The i4 series will run on interactive software that will hope to make it easier for users to program and use the robots.

No Unpredicted Downtime: The i4 has a built-in display designed to simplify troubleshooting and predictive maintenance. The i4 communicates with users to reduce unscheduled downtime, using a light ring and display embedded into the base that indicates the right operations to perform at the right times.

High-speed and High-accuracy: EtherCAT connectivity allows the i4 robots to communicate with other equipment in the production line. By synchronising the i4 with Omron’s devices such as controllers, vision sensors and servo motors, customers will benefit by establishing the most optimal production line with advanced speed and accuracy.

Satisfying Flexibility Needs: In spring 2019, Omron will introduce the first three models: the i4-650, i4-750 and i4-850, which have an arm reach of 650mm, 750mm and 850mm, respectively. The payload can hold up to 15kg, which is three times heavier than before. Customers also have a choice of two different Z-axis strokes (210mm and 410mm) for each robot. Special models will include the IP65, Clean Room ISO 4 (Class 10), ESD and models that use H1 grease. The i4 will also come with an inverted model.

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