How are drones transforming mining operations?

16th September 2019
Alex Lynn

Percepto will be presenting at Smart Mining 2.0, to share how mining operations around the world are harnessing its multi-mission Drone-in-a-Box (DIB) solution to improve monitoring, inspection, security, safety and compliance. The event which focuses on transformational technologies in the mining sector takes place in Toronto on 19th to 20th September. 

Accessing essential data at a mining operation often involves personnel climbing on stockpiles with GPS equipment, 3D imaging and laser inspection, or hiring manned aircraft to fly over sites. The mining industry has been quick to recognise that drones offer a viable alternative to these costly and laborious processes.

At Smart Mining 2.0, Percepto will demonstrate how the next generation of autonomous artificial intelligence powered DIB are able to collect, capture and analyse more data across more applications much faster, and at greatly reduced cost.

Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder of Percepto, Ariel Avitan, explained: “Conducting site surveys, routine noise and dust pollution assessments, daily inventory and equipment checks, perimeter security patrols and production forecasts can all benefit greatly from the rich sources of aerial data and insights that our multi-mission DIB are able to capture and transform into meaningful insights.” 

Autonomous drones also minimise risk associated with confirming the clearance of safety zones ahead of planned explosions, as well as providing real-time situation monitoring in the case of an emergency. 

Avitan added: “Drones can assess large sections of roadways quickly and immediately notify personnel of any obstacles that may impede or damage vehicles and slow down operation.”

At Smart Mining 2.0, Avitan will demonstrate how Percepto’s autonomous drones are making the benefits of drone technology more accessible for mining companies around the world. 

Avitan continued: “Mining companies have been quick to recognise the potential of the technology to transform their operations, however the operational expense and availability of skilled pilots has proven prohibitive. With Percepto, once the DIB is deployed the only cost is the electricity to power the system.” 

Ariel Avitan will be speaking at Smart Mining 2.0, 19th to 20th September 2019, One King West Hotel & Residences, Toronto, Canada. To find out more about how Percepto is help mining operations work safer and smarter and not harder, download its Autonomous Drones for Mining Operations Deepdive.

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