Duo to develop next-gen production line for Pets Choice

21st January 2021
Lanna Deamer

Schneider Electric has partnered with Sewtec Automation, the precision engineering experts, to deliver an end of line packing solution for Pets Choice, animal food, treats and accessories producer. The new production line will improve overall production and assembly-line efficiency and provide the foundation for the company to optimise and scale its technology.

Sewtec Automation has chosen Schneider Electric’s PacDrive 3 Delta Robots to automatically orientate and pack the large volumes of produce into trays for Pets Choice. With its centralised system architecture, PacDrive 3 controls the broad range of production and packaging requirements, providing the necessary flexibility.

The Schneider Electric solution is also the most compact on the market, as the robots themselves have integrated server motors and drives, reducing overall size by roughly 70% and meaning the solution could fit within the existing Pets Choice architecture.

The Pets Choice system will also act as a foundation upon which more cloud-based monitoring, condition monitoring and machine analytics can sit. In turn, this insight will help future proof the solution and ensure Sewtec can improve their offering to Pets Choice, making more accurate design and production decisions.

Paul Johnson, Sales Director at Sewtec Automation said: “The main reason for choosing Schneider Electric is its technical capabilities, which are second to none. Not only has its technology helped us deliver the project cost effectively, but we have substantially improved our customers operational efficiency and improve it even more in the future. Perhaps the important reason for success is the level of service and support Schneider have provided. From proposal development and installation, all the way to the present day, they have been present and put in the groundwork to made sure the solutions are as good as possible.”

“We’re delighted that Sewtec Automation chose Schneider Electric for upgrading the Pet’s Choice production line. We understand that a leading machine builder like Sewtec must deliver at volume and at speed for its customers, whilst doing so sustainably. We’re hopeful that our partnership will continue to yield great success - and that we can continue to support Sewtec in its future endeavors”, said Mark Yeeles, VP Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric.

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