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17th July 2018
Lanna Cooper


ECOVACS ROBOTICS has released new firmware to update the DEEBOT OZMO 930 and D900. The new software features allow DEEBOTs to simultaneously clean and map an area, essentially learning the layout of any room so that they can re-orientate themselves from any position if need be.

Our homes are always changing; be it clutter from packages, toys being left out by the kids (or pets!) or a rethink of where we want our sofa to go. The completely-revised mapping function of the DEEBOTs continuously registers and adapts to these changes.

With the new firmware updates ECOVACS ROBOTICS has optimised the mapping and orientation function of the DEEBOT 900 and DEEBOT OZMO 930 as well as the OZMO mopping function. Using Over-The-Air technology (OTA) the software updates automatically over WiFi and can be used immediately.

Thanks to the Smart Navigation Function, both DEEBOT models are able to measure any room, create a digital map of it and transfer it to the ECOVACS app. With the app you can control the DEEBOTs and set them in motion from any location. This includes drawing virtual boundaries, creating virtual cleaning plans or undertaking targeted cleaning of separate areas. The new firmware update offers the following advantages:

WiFi coverage map
The bot allows users to track the strength of their WiFi; a small WiFi icon indicates the location of the router and the DEEBOT maps different shades of blue to show users the WiFi strength signal within the mapped room on the ECOVACS app.

A bot that maps while it cleans
Thanks to the new SLAM (Simultaneous Location And Mapping) algorithm, the firmware update allows the DEEBOT 900 and the DEEBOT OZMO 930 to simultaneously clean and continuously map their environment.

Because of this, users won’t need to measure anything before the cleaning begins, which saves them a lot of time. Changes in room layout will pose no problems after the updates. DEEBOTs can detect carpets and the DEEBOT OZMO 930 can detect when to mop floors without the need for prior mapping.

The DEEBOT always knows where it is
DEEBOTs maintain their orientation in a room at all times even if they are relocated. If the DEEBOT is relocated, it automatically detects it’s in a new location using its stored maps, and continues cleaning from its new position.

Even if the DEEBOT is put in an environment that is not mapped, it continues cleaning and registers the new rooms in the app. The initial map can be restored when the DEEBOT is back at the docking station.

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