3-in-1 smart robot vacuum cleaner with sonic mopping technology

2nd May 2023
Sheryl Miles

Smart home appliance manufacturer Proscenic, with a history of making components for Panasonic, Hitachi, Zojirushi, and Philips, announces the availability of its new X1 3-in-1 smart robot vacuum cleaner that can both vacuum and mop floors simultaneously.

Featuring Sonic mop, PathPro Laser-Assisted navigation, and large suction power, the X1 provides an impressive cleaning experience for the modern home.

Awarded the 2023 Red Dot award for high design quality, the X1 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control and can deep clean floors with its 3000 Pa strong suction and Sonic mopping system in one go. The pressured mopping pad vibrates 3000 times per minute to scrub away stubborn stains effectively and the three water levels allow users to adjust the mop dampness for different cleaning purposes.

A large fully sealed 2.5 litre dustbag automatically collects dirt and debris from the vacuum, meaning it would usually require emptying around every 30 days and thanks to the X1’s well-designed disposal port with a high suction collector, clogging is reduced for an effective clean. Additionally, a UV light in the cabinet effectively sterilises bacteria and reduces the transmission of pathogens.

Including the latest PathPro Laser-Assisted Navigation technology, the sensor maps the home accurately, unlocking premium features of more expensive smart robot vacuums in this category by generating an editable map for setting up no-go zones and no-mop zones. It is also possible to select a room or area to clean on demand. With its Laser-Assisted design, there is no protrusion from the top of the X1, allowing the slim device to clean under furniture and reach those hard-to-get areas. If the battery is running low, the X1 will automatically go to recharge and resume from where it left off once finished.

When cleaning carpets, the ultrasonic carpet detector boosts suction power automatically for a deeper carpet clean when in the vacuum mode and will automatically steer the X1 away when a mopping pad is attached. In addition to the PathPro Laser-Assisted and carpet sensor, the floor tracking sensors featured on the X1 enable floor cleaning in neat rows and leave no spot untouched, whilst the anti-collision sensors detect objects to avoid bumping them. Cliff sensors also help to keep the vacuum away from stairs to prevent any falling and damage.

As with all Proscenic smart products, the X1 is compatible with the Proscenic app where the multi-floor function allows up to five maps to be saved for efficient navigation in multi-level homes without remapping. It is also possible to customise the X1 by scheduling cleaning routines by room and area away from home. Additionally, the app also tracks the cleaning time and covered area by the robot vacuum/mop.

For those not wishing to use with the app, a remote controller is included for ease of use for anyone, whether young or old.

The Proscenic X1 is available from Amazon UK for £599 currently with £100 off and an £100 discount coupon available.

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