Power supply test card in demand at processor makers

12th January 2021
Mick Elliott

Semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest says that its DC Scale XPS256 Device Power Supply (DPS) card, developed for use with the V93000 EXA Scale SoC test system, is now ramping to production-volume test at leading makers of communications processors.

Providing the industry’s first universal DPS pin capability, the XPS256 delivers high accuracy, performance and dynamic response for a variety of data-driven applications.

Key markets such as mobile/broadband communications, high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) are driving unprecedented demand for massive data volumes.

The XPS256 is designed to meet the associated stringent test-performance requirements and leverages Advantest’s Xtreme Link technology to deliver massive scalability and flexibility.

It covers wide-ranging current requirements, implementing unlimited ganging to scale from milliamps (mA) to thousands of Amps with no performance degradation.

Combining three instruments in a single power supply, the DPS pin delivers best-in-class flexibility, accuracy (± 150µV) and dynamic response, with full four-quadrant voltage-current (VI) capabilities and very small overshoot/undershoot, enabled by Advantest’s Xtreme Regulation.

In addition, the card offers revolutionary probe needle protection and zero-overhead background profiling for current and voltage across the entire test flow; fine-granularity power delivery to ensure current balancing across the needles; and in-line contact-resistance monitoring for adaptive needle cleaning and preventive maintenance.

With its ultra-fast hardware clamp, the XPS256 also protects the DUT, probe cards, and sockets against thermal runaways.

“When implemented with the V93000 EXA Scale SoC tester, the XPS256 DPS pin card provides a solution that can deliver high whole-wafer test yields, very fast test times, and reliable and repeatable results for customers entering the exascale computing space,” said Richard Junger, senior vice president, SoC Delivery at Advantest.

Advantest has already shipped several hundred DC Scale XPS256 DPS cards to multiple customers.

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