Hardware and software options enhance solder printer

24th September 2020
Mick Elliott

Additional functions have enhanced ASM’s high-volume DEK TQ solder printer. The company says that it sets new records in terms of speed, floor space performance and wet-printing accuracy.

With its combination of print head, paste dispenser and innovative understencil cleaning system, the DEK TQ can operate for up to eight hours without an operator assist.

New hardware and software options have added more capabilities to the printer.

The innovations comprise its offline programming, the DEK TQ V1 operating software, the High Flow Vacuum board support system, and the intelligent and flexible verification and traceability functions.

The High Flow Vacuum function, for example, provides an affordable and highly efficient board support solution for the high-volume production of small and highly complex PCBs.

A flexible and intelligent verification function allows the verification of all printer materials either by means of the ASM OIB, with an interface to a higher-level MES (ideal for testing and releasing the solder paste) or individually selectable against a reference on the DEK TQ for supports, squeegees, etc.

Together with the sophisticated traceability functions, this provides an ideal connection of the DEK TQ to the Smart Factory.

The DEK V1 station software and SIPLACE Pro have been revised from the ground up. With ASM Printer Programming and its integration into SIPLACE Pro, central program management is being raised to a new level, says the company.

Printing programs are now administered across lines, printing and placement programs downloaded jointly to SMT lines, and each printer’s features are verified automatically before a program is executed.

The DEK TQ has a footprint of only 1.3 by 1.0 meters, and it achieves a core cycle time of as little as five seconds for maximum throughput.

With its use of precise linear drives, off-belt printing, innovative clamping systems and an advanced print head, the printer achieves a wet-printing accuracy of ±17.5 µm @ 2 Cpk – more than enough to reliably print the pads for 0201 metric components and modern ultra-fine-pitch applications.

Each machine comes with an external capability certification.

Open interfaces like IPC-Hermes-9852, Closed-Loop-to-SPI, ASM OIB and IPC CFX make it easy to integrate the DEK TQ into a smart integrated factory

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