Global scale-up of software and electronics expertise for cybersecurity and system-wide efficiency increase

20th February 2023
Harry Fowle

hofer powertrain continues to strengthen its existing software and electronics engineering expertise on a global scale.

The company draws on many years of experience in eDrive development, dating back to 1980. As a result of the optimised and internationally connected organisation, an influx of experts in the field, and a high level of deep understanding of all kinds of electric drive systems, hofer powertrain realises the most advanced control software applications and hardware components, achieving the best possible integration with other vehicle components.

Cyber security is no longer merely optional. It's an absolute imperative and is currently one of the most significant challenges for all carmakers. As the importance of connected cars and electronic content within the vehicle is growing, car manufacturers are required to protect their vehicles with a certified cybersecurity management system (CSMS) and according to recent measures and even more so in the future – from 2024 onwards, this will affect all new vehicles. "All ECUs and electrical components within the powertrain in vehicles need to consider the new cybersecurity requirements. Here, at hofer powertrain, we develop with the highest cybersecurity in mind and ISO/SAE 21434 conform. The new cybersecurity standards affect the entire software development process, from the requirements to the software architecture, implementation, and testing," answers Tamas KRIKLER when asked about the key driver in the expansion process.

As of summer 2022, Tamas KRIKLER has been in charge of the large software division, which is spread across several hofer powertrain locations and supports some of the most renowned OEMs, including successful young industry players, as a technology and engineering partner. Given these new legal directives governing the protection of vehicle data and the increasing popularity of cloud-based applications in e-mobility, any system vulnerabilities can be detected by means of analyses and corrected in the subsequent step. For this purpose, a secure environment has been set up to achieve quick and reliable project results. Interdisciplinary cooperation between the software, electronics, and all other affected areas has proven its value. With the right algorithms, security risks can be limited to an even greater extent, and secure system communication right up to over-the-air updates and even functions for charging can be implemented.

"All this helps our customers to achieve the goal of the highest driver and passenger safety through safety in the powertrain, and thus in the vehicle as a whole," concludes Markus Schnabler, Head of Department Software Management and Processes.

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