Delivering the potential of graphene

29th September 2021
Joe Bush

Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) provides graphene in the form of dispersions of nanoplatelets that can be readily incorporated by customers into their products. It is initially concentrating on the global protective coatings and composite materials markets where the financial benefits of the performance enhancements achievable from incorporating graphene may be calculated, encouraging adoption.

AGM's commercialisation strategy addresses the key issues delaying graphene adoption. First, although its products have attracted interest from potential customers in a diverse range of markets, AGM is currently focusing primarily on the global protective coatings market where it has recently established a global network of distributors to accelerate roll-out.

Secondly, rather than investing in the development and marketing of end-products containing graphene, AGM is selling graphene additive dispersions to customers with extensive experience of the coatings market, which use the material to enhance the performance of their products.

Third and finally, AGM sells customers graphene formatted as additive dispersions of nanoplatelets. This makes it easier for them to incorporate graphene in their products in a repeatable, consistent fashion at volume, thus helping cut the time it takes for customers to develop their graphene-enhanced products. Similarly, AGM is engaged in programmes incorporating graphene into composite materials used in the aerospace industry and into thermal adhesives for a broad range of applications.

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