Solvent dispenser designed for medical tubing assembly

31st January 2020
Lanna Cooper

Technomed, a subsidiary of Tecnoideal, and a leader in machinery and services for medical plastic tubing assembly, will unveil the DS-Vision, its most advanced solvent dispenser for the bonding of medical tubing, at the MD&M Trade Show in Anaheim, California, on February 11th, 2020.

The DS-Vision is a machine that will help medical equipment and devices manufacturers to notably improve their quality control systems, and thus, lower the rate of non-compliant plastic bonded products.

The machine built-in quality control system ensures that operators are following each production step properly through the use of visual and sound cues. In addition, downloadable production metrics will help managers control and evaluate post-production outcomes, and inform future production planning.

“In the past, manufacturers couldn’t quite control the variables of the bonding process. We now have a machine that can provide real time information to optimise compliance and lower risks,” said Vico Giavotto, the CEO of TechnoMed.

Incredibly easy to use, the DS-Vision's full-colour, touchscreen display, provides operators with real time information regarding their productivity and eliminates the guessing games that have been the norm for solvent dispensing up until now.

The DS-Vision is a testament to TechnoMed and parent company Tecnoideal’s commitment to providing high quality and customer focus solutions that address devices manufacturers’ needs in the healthcare industry.

TechnoMed will be showcasing the DS-Vision during the MD&M West Trade Show in Anaheim, California on 11th-13th February, 2020.

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