Occupational deafness: The silent epidemic

3rd August 2020
Lanna Cooper

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is the number one occupational disease in Europe, yet the world is largely silent on the issue. A new online 'Evidence Hub' has been launched that pulls together data on the issue to support the case for a new approach to hearing protection in the workplace.

Smart tech company, Eave, who are raising industry standards in hearing protection, are providing an online resource that helps employers to properly protect workers on site from hazardous noise.

Over 46 million people in Europe work in harmful levels of noise, 2 million of which are in the UK. Regulation measures are woefully inadequate in today's digital world, and there is now a wealth of evidence to support the need to improve noise regulation in the workplace.

Eave’s Evidence Hub is an online library of resources, academic articles and data that explain the issue of Occupational Deafness and why companies need to change their approach to noise to prevent this silent epidemic.

  1. DEMENTIA LINK - Deafness is now known to be the largest modifiable risk factor for developing dementia.
  2. EXPOSURE RATES - Noise exposure is the single largest contributor to deafness.
  3. INSURANCE CLAIMS - £360m was spent by insurance companies on Occupational Deafness claims in one year.
  4. OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE - Occupational Deafness is the most commonly reported occupational disease in the EU.
  5. LOUD ENVIRONMENTS - Noise regulations dictate that loud environments require control at source by employers.

Eave’s hearing conservation solution has built noise monitoring into active ear defenders. These smart ear defenders, which are an essential part of workplace PPE, use ‘Hear-Through’ technology that allow the wearer to continue to hear environmental sound, vastly improving the safety of workers.

Eave’s noise management software platform maps noise exposure, analysing data in real time to provide information about each worker’s noise exposure across a site. You can view the Evidence Hub online here.

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