New developments in optical fibres for medical applications

4th January 2016
Joe Bush

The variety of wavelengths and the high optical powers required create many of the demands in medical and industrial applications. Laser Components can provide a wide range of fibre types including sapphire for Er:YAG lasers and hollow core for infrared wavelengths, as well as a range of silica and plastic optical fibres.

Hollow core fibres use a high reflective coating on the inner surface to confine the light and overcome the high attenuation of silica at long wavelengths. Cleanliness of the inner surface can be maintained by using a ZnSe window in the connector.

Other types of connector designed for high optical power, with free-standing fibre or end caps for beam expansion, can be used with conventional or large core fibres to accommodate the optical powers required. Laser Components can design and manufacture complete custom solutions from a wide range of fibre/connector combinations with AR coatings, and provide fibre couplers.

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