Mobile app generates data for full cardiac diagnosis

27th September 2018
Lanna Cooper

All ECGs are not created equal. Apple’s recently unveiled 1-lead ECG on its Series 4 Apple Watch is a great advance in screening one’s heart activity beyond a mere pulse reader. It offers the capability to detect potential arrhythmias. However, medical professionals require more to make a diagnosis. CardioSecur, a mobile, app-based, 15-lead ECG system for private use fills this gap. Its direct in-app feedback - if medical attention is needed - offers additional clarity and peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

To provide a patient with a conclusive diagnosis and to initiate effective therapy, a cardiologist requires more profound ECG data beyond a mere 1-lead screening tool.

Prof. Gregory Marcus from the University of California San Francisco advises in Tom’s Guide, “It will be very useful to screen, but the diagnosis will still require confirmation using a conventional EKG.”

CardioSecur is an approved diagnostic 15-lead ECG app, which takes only 30 seconds to perform. Its 50g ultra-light cable conclusively detects not only all types of arrhythmias (incl. A.Fib), but also critical life-threatening circulatory disorders such as heart attack.

“CardioSecur’s unique ECG data sophistication allows physicians to establish their diagnosis swiftly and turn to targeted therapy faster than with any other system worldwide.” claimed Felix Brand, Managing Director of CardioSecur.

At the beginning of this process, screening tools such as the Apple Watch ECG, even though they cannot detect all diseases, serve as a complementary measure to CardioSecur.

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