Medical DC/DC converters feature 2uA maximum patient leakage

17th March 2016
Nat Bowers

Designed and certified for medical applications, XP Power has announced the JHL and JHM series of encapsulated, isolated and regulated DC/DC converters. The 3W JHL03, 6W JHL06 and 15W JHM15 are approved to the 3rd edition international medical safety standards EN60601-1:2006 and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005, feature a low 2uA maximum patient leakage current and offer 2 x MOPP.

Available with single and dual outputs, the DC/DC converters are all packaged in industry-standard format cases. Their size is model dependant, ranging from an industry standard DIP-24 for the JHL03 and JHL06 through to 40.6x25.4x10.2mm for the JHM15 series. They also have a double/reinforced isolation barrier that provides 4,000VAC maximum input to output isolation for one minute with a 250VAC working voltage.

An output voltage trim function is available across the single output models of JHL/JHM series, and provides a ±10% adjustment of the output in order to accommodate losses or for special applications. The units meet the EN55011 Level A EMI standard for both conducted and radiated emissions without the need for any external filtering components.

Typical applications include medical devices that require a low power isolated and regulated DC/DC converter that has an extremely low patient leakage current and reinforced insulation.

The JHL03 and JHL06 series single output models are available with 5, 12 or 15VDC and duals ±12 or ±15VDC. Two input range variants are available across the JHL series, 10-17 or 20-30VDC, accommodating nominal 12 or 24VDC applications. The JHL03/06 series operate from -20 to +80°C with full output power available up to +50°C.

The JHM15 series comprises two 2:1 input voltage range options of 9-18 or 18-36 VDC. Singles provide 5, 12, or 15VDC and duals ± 5, ±12 or ±15VDC models Capable of operating in most environments and over an extended operating temperature from –40 to +80°C, the JHM15 can deliver the full output power up to +60°C without derating.

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