Improve your running performance with new wearable device

7th October 2020
Lanna Cooper

By measuring running from your feet, NURVV Run, a new wearable device, gives unrivalled insights into your technique with live in-run coaching feedback to help you become a better runner - run faster, run further and reduce injury risk.

Unique running metrics and insights to know exactly how you run

NURVV Run measures your running from where it counts - your feet. 32 precision sensors measure the most important aspects of your technique with accuracy to give the most complete analysis available anywhere outside of a sports lab.

Metrics profiles and form reports

After each run, NURVV Run provides a full analysis of your performance and running technique to see how they change during each and every session. See your distance, time, pace, splits, heart rate, calories, cadence, step length, footstrike, pronation and balance.

You’ll also get tailored training tips and exercises to help you work on your technique and performance improvements.

Knowing exactly how you run can help you:

  • Run faster
  • Run further
  • Reduce injury risk
  • Select the best footwear
  • Track technique and training gains

Live in-run coaching and technique workouts to run faster

NURVV Run reacts to your performance in real time with targeted audio, visual, and haptic feedback during workouts, telling you what to do to make every run a success. Audio feedback works seamlessly with all your favorite music apps.

  • Pace coach: NURVV Run’s Pace Coach guides you to run to a chosen pace by optimising your cadence and step length - the two metrics that together determine your pace. Simply choose the pace you want to run at, and Pace Coach will create a workout with cadence and step length target zones and in-run alerts based on your unique running form.
  • Footstrike trainer: NURVV Run’s Footstrike Trainer is an indoor workout that provides real time visualisation of both your feet - this workout lets you make the connection between how your foot landing feels and the type of footstrike you’re actually using. Monitor how your footstrike transition from Rearfoot landing to Midfoot landing is going. You can also see if your footstrike is the same on the left and right foot or whether there’s an imbalance and potential injury risk.

A unique running health score to manage injury risk

By knowing how your running technique changes over time, NURVV Run identifies how sustainable your running is, and which aspect of your technique is putting you at risk of injury. A unique and easy to understand Running Health Score provides a personalised picture of how you’re running to help reduce your chances of getting injured.

Unique Running Health score

  • Once you’ve completed at least 10km of running, you get a personalised Running Health score between 0-100 to indicate how sustainable your running is based on your:
  • Training load
  • Pronation
  • Cadence 
  • Left / right balance

Training load / distance recommendations

Based on your previous Training Load, NURVV Run’s Dashboard will provide you with recommended running distances for the next 7 days and for each individual day. Follow these recommendations to stay in your optimal training zone and build your distances in a safe, progressive manner.

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