Fitness band designed to track kids' steps, activity and sleep

18th June 2020
Lanna Cooper

UK based fitness technology brand, FourFit has announced the availability of the FourFit Mini - a slim fitness band made especially for kids (aged +10). The band features an upgraded colour OLED screen and has the ability to track activity, steps, heart rate, lung health, blood pressure and sleep. The FourFit Mini 2 is available from the FourFit website with an RRP of £39 (currently on offer for £29.99 for the next six weeks).

For parents who are concerned that their child is spending too much time in front of a screen, the accompanying apps allow active reminders to be set to prompt children to get up and move, using both a gentle vibration and child-friendly screen notifications. The apps, available for both IOS and Android, also allow parents to set rewards for hitting daily activity targets - a fantastic way to get kids excited about being active and away from screens.

Whilst encouraging children to be active, the FourFit Mini 2 is also equipped with a number of health features that can offer ‘helicopter parents’ peace of mind. The band also tracks heart rate, blood pressure and lung health by monitoring blood oxygen saturation. If worn overnight, the Mini 2 can also track the user’s sleep, which can be particularly useful to encourage a healthy sleeping pattern and keep an eye on those who secretly stay up late watching TV, or playing games on a school night. Alarms can be set for waking up, or as used as reminders to make sure that PE kits and food tech ingredients are not left at home and forgotten about!

Unlike other fitness trackers on the market, the FourFit Mini 2 works independently without GPS, meaning it doesn’t always need to be connected to Bluetooth in order to work; the band will simply transfer all activity data once it is reconnected a phone. The device can also alert the wearer of calls and messages on the connected smartphone if required.

The FourFit Mini 2 is water resistant and available in five colours (black, red, aqua, blue and purple), boasting a stylish, tech rich design and interchangeable straps. With built-in rapid USB charging capability, no extra wires are needed. The strap can simply be removed and plugged directly into a USB slot and be fully charged and ready to wear in just 25 minutes, with one charge lasting up to five days.

The FourFit Mini 2 is available in black, red, aqua, blue and purple from the FourFit website with an RRP of £39 (currently on offer for £29.99).

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