Creating a future with AI in healthcare without borders

23rd July 2020
Lanna Cooper

During these uncertain times over COVID-19, Intelligent Health, the annual meeting place of the global AI and healthcare communities taking place every September in Switzerland, has been redesigned in a new online format and theme 'Without Borders'. 

At a time when collaboration globally is more important than ever; innovation must continue and technology and healthcare professionals must join forces to fight the biggest disruptor the world has faced in a generation.

As John Nosta, President of NostaLab puts it: “A future with AI in healthcare without borders is where there is a free exchange of ideas, where we all jump off the ledge of convention and build wings on the way down.”

The Intelligent Health community of 54,000 multidisciplinary professionals have been working together to find valuable solutions not only to the current global pandemic but also other critical challenges the medical world has been facing for years. They will come together online on September 9th and 10th 2020 to network, share ideas and hear from experts who are innovating and working to save lives beyond the global pandemic.

The current pandemic has turned into a gateway for AI adoption in healthcare, from doctors using AI to triage COVID-19 patients to startups retooling and validating screening tools for COVID-19. According to Accenture, growth in the AI health market is expected to reach $6.6bn by 2021 - that’s a compound annual growth rate of 40%.

"Now is not a time to delay action, inertia kills. Clinicians in our community are under pressure like never before as we face the crisis of our times in the healthcare system. InspiredMinds has always provided a neutral platform for the most powerful names in health, technology and innovation to speak openly and make changes in a supportive and collaborative environment. As a world first we have now curated the very best of our community and opened the IH Inspired platform." said Sarah Porter, Founder of InspiredMinds.

Speakers include Dr. Robert Califf, Former Commissioner FDA and Head of Health and Policy at Alphabet (Google Health and Verily Life Sciences), John Nosta, President of NostaLab, Yan Huang, General Manager - Intelligent Healthcare at Baidu, Dr. Greg Moore, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Health, Dr. Freddy Abnousi, Interventional Cardiologist and Head of Health Technology at Facebook, Wenjun Xie, Head of AI Healthcare Strategy at Tencent and many more. 

Key areas of discussion over the two-day online summit will include the future of healthcare, where can AI take us with practical, real world AI use cases, how to get the data we need to drive forward AI applications, COVID-19, regulators perspective, the FDA and responding to pandemics, fundamental breakthroughs using AI which will change lives and reshape healthcare, democratising access and AI’s role in combating inequalities in health, applying AI to achieve whole person care, the role of AI in genomics - data and humans in perfect harmony. 

Find out more and register here.

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