Vantage strengthens its Lighting Alliance Fixture Partnership Programme

16th November 2022
Sheryl Miles

Legrand's lighting control brand Vantage has announced that its lighting fixture alliance has been a marked success with continued growth.

Introduced in 2021, the alliance enables partnerships with leading light fixture manufacturers to provide AV installers, interior designers, architects, and other home design professionals with colour-tunable fixtures to fit any project need and seamlessly integrate with Vantage's LHUMAN human-centric lighting (HCL) solution. 

"Interior lighting can enhance the living experience with simple planning and vision. But without the right light fixture in place, spaces fall short of their potential," said Dave Keller, Business Development, Legrand Residential Shading & Controls. "By partnering with leading light fixture manufacturers, we remove the guesswork and help to ensure every installation is beautiful, functional, and seamless."

Vantage's lighting alliance was developed to provide numerous benefits: freedom of design, fixture testing, and calibrated CCT alignment. Installers or designers can choose the fixtures they want with the peace of mind of knowing the lighting design will come to life as planned and with the full functionality of every fixture being supported by Vantage.

Vantage tests every fixture and creates tunable profiles to take the guesswork out of control. During testing, the company also analyses each fixture and creates colour mapping tables. This allows the dealer to programme the fixtures to go to a specific Correlated Colour Temperature value and to have multiple fixture models in the same room or the entire home that are aligned to a shared CCT value. The growing alliance includes Circa Lighting, Colourbeam Lighting, DMF Lighting, ELEMENT fixtures from Tech Lighting, Environmental Lights, LF Illumination, Lucifer Lighting, No. 8 Lighting, Proluxe by American Lighting, PureEdge Lighting, Soraa Lighting, and WAC's AiSPiRE.

For projects requiring human-centric lighting, LHUMAN makes it easier than ever for integrators to deliver the benefits to their customers with seamless integration of Vantage lighting controls, Legrand Shading, and colour-tunable light fixtures into one solution. At the heart of LHUMAN is Vantage lighting control, which provides full-colour control and dimming of a wide range of tunable lighting fixtures from Vantage's alliance members.

Homeowners can let LHUMAN do the work for them – automatically adjusting their home's light throughout the day, fully synchronised to the natural daylight from the sun – while making changes on the fly with pre-set scenes that deliver the appropriate colour temperature and intensity to meet their current activity, need, or mood. All it takes is the touch of a button on a Vantage touchscreen or modular keypad.

To fully harness the power of natural lighting, LHUMAN integrates Legrand Shading with Vantage lighting control, allowing users to effortlessly open their homes to bright, sunny days.

Programming LHUMAN is simple using the latest version of Vantage's programming software, Design Centre. The software's key features consist of new colour load types, including warm/cool and warm/white/cool; new tunable profiles for fixture colour loads; single-digit CCT value input; and enhanced security improvements.

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