LEDs achieve over 200 lm/W at 90 CRI

15th November 2021
Mick Elliott

A narrow-band phosphor technology portfolio from Future Lighting Solutions includes LEDs achieving over 200 lm/W at 90 CRI.

Narrow-band phosphor technology ensures LED manufacturers have the right spectral content where it matters most, allowing them to tightly control the spectrum of the LEDs and improve colour rendering metrics without compromising on certain design adjustments that would reduce efficacy.

This innovation has brought greater market appeal in several end applications such as offices, retail locations, schools, grocery stores and more.

Lighting OEMs were previously limited to compromising on efficacy when offering high-CRI fixtures to their customers.

Future Lighting Solutions says it removes that limitation, enabling a superior level of performance without sacrificing efficacy.

Through the enhanced narrow-band product line-up, industry expertise and system solutions, Future Lighting Solutions is enabling lighting OEMs to:

  • Achieve required efficacy while meeting colour rendition and lifetime metrics
  • Meet connectivity requirements with dim-to-off or ANSI C137.4-compliant drivers
  • Show low flicker for both static and tuneable white fixtures
  • Have excellent glare control with off-the-shelf optics

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