Illuminating Engineering Society announces new Editorial Board for LEUKOS

4th January 2023
Beth Floyd

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) is pleased to announce it has appointed a new Editorial Advisory Board and team of subject matter experts who will serve as Associate Editors for LEUKOS, The Journal of the IES.

Included as a benefit of IES membership, LEUKOS is an online, quarterly journal previously edited by Kevin W. Houser of Oregon State University. The IES wishes to extend its most sincere appreciation to Dr. Houser for his years of contributions, and for elevating the overall impact factor of the Journal. Under Dr. Houser’s guidance and direction, LEUKOS has become an international venue for technical developments, scientific discoveries, and experimental results of current interest or lasting importance in the applied use of light.

The new LEUKOS subject matter experts will work in pairs to determine which submissions under their jurisdiction will be accepted by the Journal, and will also work with IES staff to earmark papers and/or authors for a new LEUKOS webinar series. The Associate Editors and their subjects are as follows:

  • Ute Besenecker, PhD (Associate Professor, Head of Lighting Design Division, School of Architecture, KTH Royal Institute of Technology) and Siobhan Rockcastle, PhD (Assistant Professor of Architecture, University of Oregon & Co-Founder, OCULIGHT dynamics): Lighting in the Built Environment, including Lighting Design (AR/VR), Applications, Light Sources/Luminaires, and Lighting Controls (including ML/AI)
  • Cameron Miller, PhD (Optical Radiation Group, NIST) and Carl Bloomfield (Vice President Commercial Infrastructure and Industry Regulations, Intertek Testing Services): Lighting Metrics Analysis, including research methods, testing and measurements, and photometry/radiometry
  • Manuel Spitschan, PhD (Max Planck Research Group Leader, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics & Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Technical University of Munich): Lighting Human Factors, including light and health, vision science, color, non-visual effects of light, perception/psychology science and ergonomics
  • Minchen Wei, PhD (Associate Professor in Color and Imaging Science and Illumination Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and Andrea Wilkerson, PhD (Lighting Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory): Other topics, including display technology, horticulture, non-visible irradiation and photobiological safety

The LEUKOS Editorial Advisory Board will serve as advisors for any technical questions from Associate Editors regarding articles on topics that fall outside their areas of expertise. Members include:

  • Marilyne Andersen, PhD (Full Professor and Head of Laboratory at Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)
  • John Bullough, PhD (Program Director, Light and Health Research Center, Department of Population Health Science and Policy at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
  • Jennifer Veitch, PhD (Principal Research Officer at National Research Council of Canada)
  • Alan Lewis, O.D., PhD (Adjunct Professor and Chairman, Institutional Review Board, New England College of Optometry & Consultant in Physiological Optics)
  • John Hanifin, PhD (Research Assistant Professor at Thomas Jefferson University)

“We’re very excited for the future of LEUKOS under the guidance of our new editorial team members,” said Frank Agraz, IES Board President. “I want to personally thank Kevin Houser for all of his efforts. The Journal wouldn’t be where it is today without his commitment and expertise.”

The changes to the Editorial Advisory Board and subject matter editors took effect January 1, 2023

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