Roller bearings for high load-low speed applications

15th February 2024
Harry Fowle

The JK0S range of integral tapered roller bearings from Schaeffler are ideally suited to applications in which loads are very high but speeds comparatively low, such as pulleys, crane wheels and cable rollers.

A range of integral tapered roller bearings is now available from Schaeffler UK, which are easy to mount, greased for life and require no setting of internal clearance when used in an ‘O’ arrangement.

The JK0S integral tapered roller bearings are single-row bearings, sealed on one side and lubricated for life with a high quality grease. The self-retained bearings are installed in pairs to provide a bearing unit that is sealed on both sides.

Due to their large support base, the bearing unit can support all load combinations, including radial, axial and tilting forces. The support base is significantly larger than in double row cylindrical roller bearings.

The JK0S series is particularly suited to applications where loads are high and speeds relatively low. Examples include wheel bearings on agricultural machinery; support rollers in forklift truck masts; and for cable sheaves and return pulleys on cable cars.

When the bearing is assembled with an annular ring, the profiled plastic cage snaps into a slot in the extended outer ring and holds the bearing ring and the roller and cage assembly together. After the bearing is fitted, there is no longer any contact between the cage and the outer ring, therefore there is no wear of the cage during operation. The bearings can be used in operating temperatures from –30°C up to +110°C, limited only by the grease and seal material.

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