R&S FSW85 mmWave radar-based sensor technology

7th May 2020
Alex Lynn

Test and measurement expert Rohde & Schwarz has provided Acconeer with an R&S FSW85 signal and spectrum analyser. Acconeer will use it to develop A111, its low power pulsed coherent radar sensor that operates in the 60GHz unlicensed frequency band and is particularly suited to IoT applications.

The number of IoT applications and devices is rising, as is the use of sensor technology for consumer devices. To address these growing trends, Acconeer, based in Lund, Sweden, specialises in small radar solutions for consumer products.

Thanks to its small footprint, the Acconeer A111 PCR low-power radar sensor is particularly suited to battery powered IoT devices. The A111 can be used for many applications such as gesture control, material recognition, object and presence detection as well as level and speed measurements.

An excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and high bandwidth are crucial for these applications. To maximise the SNR, Acconeer's design engineers need to ensure that the shape of the radar pulse is optimised without violating the spectrum regulations for short range devices. The engineers use the state-of-the-art R&S FSW analyser with the R&S FSW-B8 resolution bandwidth option to visualise the frequency spectrum.

The R&S FSW is used in the verification process to visualise the radar pulse in both the time and frequency domain because it is one of the few instruments on the market that can visualise the radar pulse frequency spectrum. Users can measure the spectral density, band power, root mean square (RMS) power and peak power. The R&S FSW can even perform challenging measurements such as 99% occupied bandwidth thanks to its excellent SNR.

Josefin Strahl, Head of Hardware Integration at Acconeer, said: "As a growing company focusing on technological innovation, we are pleased to be able to push the envelope with the help of the R&S FSW. With the resolution bandwidth option, the analyser features very good SNR in the V band frequency range of the radar (57 GHz to 64 GHz), which is particularly useful for our products. Acconeer has substantial experience of using Rohde & Schwarz equipment, and we are happy to continue using the company's top-level T&M solutions."

Johan Nilsson, Product Manager for Spectrum & Signal Analyzers at Rohde & Schwarz, added: "We are happy to provide a dynamic, growing company such as Acconeer with our powerful R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyser. By supplying such companies, which focus on novel ideas in technology trends such as IoT, Rohde & Schwarz is helping shape the future."

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