Paessler reveals the biggest frustrations for IT teams

10th June 2020
Alex Lynn

Getting caught out unaware is the number one bugbear for IT professionals according to global research from IT monitoring expert, Paessler. 

Three-fifths (61%) of IT personnel say networks suddenly failing without warning is their biggest irritation at work. This is closely followed by more than half (55%) who find it frustrating when users report problems before they themselves are aware there is an issue. Others are upset when they get a call from their boss to say there’s a problem (29%). 

These figures are even higher in the UK. Two-thirds (66%) say unexpected network failures are their number one frustration, closely followed by 62% who say finding out an issue has occurred from users rather than identifying it themselves. 

Both these issues are particularly disappointing to IT teams as nine in ten (89%) say that knowing their network is under control is key to job satisfaction. This is followed by the ability to fix problems quickly with 88% saying this makes them feel they are doing a good job. 

Paessler’s research also finds that IT teams aim to please. More than half (55%) report that helping users is an important benchmark for success with this figure rising to 62% amongst those surveyed in the UK. 

And yet, many IT teams feel unappreciated in the workplace. One-third (33%) say they feel frustrated by the lack of understanding amongst users who have little appreciation for what they do. This feeling is heightened in the UK, where two in five (40%) say they feel this way. 

Martin Hodgson, Country Manager UK and Ireland at Paesslerm said: “It can be a thankless job working in IT. Few give praise when things go right but many pipe-up and complain when things go wrong. What we must remember is that IT teams are just as likely to get frustrated as the users themselves when networks fail.  IT teams can’t see into the future. But, when it comes to the network, the best approach to take is a proactive one - spotting early signs of potential issues so they can be fixed fast before they escalate and impact the user.” 

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