NORD presents LogiDrive solutions tailored for warehouse logistics

1st February 2024
Kristian McCann

NORD has introduced two industry-specific drive concepts within its LogiDrive solution space, catering to its warehouse logistics customers. 

The two offerings, LogiDrive Advanced and LogiDrive Basic, are distinguished by their low weight and compact design. Each is optimised for different operational priorities.

In warehouse logistics, where a variety of conveyors such as chain and roller, belt and pallet, container, and overhead conveyors are prevalent, reliable drives with adequate power are essential. NORD's solutions excel in these applications, offering both reliability and sufficient power. Key features of both options include maximum ease of use, straightforward wiring, lightness, and a compact footprint. The primary difference lies in their focus: LogiDrive Advanced prioritises energy efficiency, while LogiDrive Basic emphasises cost-effectiveness.

Exploring the drive solutions in more detail:

  • LogiDrive Advanced
    • Incorporates an ultra-efficient IE5+ synchronous motor.
    • Features the decentralised NORDAC ON+ frequency inverter, specifically designed to pair with the IE5+ motor.
    • Includes a gear unit selected from NORD's extensive range.
  • LogiDrive Basic
    • Utilises an IE3 asynchronous motor.
    • Comes with the decentralised NORDAC ON frequency inverter.
    • Also includes a gear unit from NORD's portfolio.

Customer choice depends on their focus: cost efficiency or energy savings

LogiDrive Advanced is engineered for maximum energy efficiency, leading to significant CO2 emission reductions. Its effectiveness across broad speed and load ranges facilitates variant reduction, which is especially beneficial in large systems with numerous drives. This reduction results in more efficient logistics, warehouse, and service processes, ultimately lowering administrative costs.

Conversely, LogiDrive Basic components are optimally aligned to meet all essential standards for warehouse applications. While it may not offer the highest efficiency, it boasts low initial investment costs and a wide adjustment range.

Whether customers choose LogiDrive Advanced or LogiDrive Basic, they receive a solution tailored to their industry's specific needs, including a frequency inverter with an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface. Both options are globally certified, making them suitable for international deployment – a crucial aspect for globally operating businesses.

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