Ewellix launches new electric actuators for mobile applications

21st March 2023
Harry Fowle

Ewellix has launched a new generation of electric actuators.

Designed specifically for use in mobile applications, from agricultural and construction machinery to lift platforms, the new actuators combine exceptional power-density with high levels of energy efficiency, position and motion control and repeatability. The first products to be released later this year will include actuators with 3 tons and 15 tons lift capacities; future versions will include intermediate capacities as well as an electromechanical steer-by-wire option.

The new actuators have been developed to help OEMs transition from traditional hydraulic power to electrically controlled motion systems. In particular, these will offer a reliable and efficient alternative that is clean, simple to install and use, with a far lower total cost-of-ownership. It can offer even more with regenerative braking when the actuator is being driven under load. To achieve all functions as a hydraulic cylinder, the CASM actuator can be equipped with safety features such as a descent speed limiter, back-up nut and electromechanical motor braking.

This new generation of products has been developed from Ewellix’s proven CASM series of electric actuators and shares the same robust, modular construction. To this, the new actuators will add a more compact design, a wider range of end-attachments and an even higher efficiency motor package, with IP ratings that meet the needs of tough offroad environments. 

The 5T actuator (CASM-100) presents 10 kW peak power output at the very narrow cross section of 105x105 mm of the linear unit.

The new addition of 3T presents 3.6kW peak power output, at the cross section of corresponding 80x80mm. Last but not least, the 15T actuator presents an impressive 17kW peak power output at 130x130mm.

The modular construction of the new actuators will also give design engineers and OEMs considerable flexibility. It will, for example, be possible to choose ballscrew or roller-screw drive mechanisms, different high-performance motors and either parallel or in-line gearbox options. Additionally, customers can configure the base actuator components, including attachments like the T-bar, the pivot and the rear attachment that connect each cylinder to the moving parts on mobile or off-road machinery.

Kirk Martin, Mobile Machinery Sales Director at Ewellix explains, “Our new generation of electric actuators will give engineers the ability to create innovative customised linear motion solutions for mobile machinery. For example, our motor adaptor module will enable almost any make of drive motor to be attached, with a standardised interface to allow direct connection to most types of gearboxes. Similarly, as we will be providing basic parts such as seals, screws, and half-couplings as standard within each product package, it will be far easier for customers to simply set-up, plug-in, and play.”

The new generation of actuators are being engineered to provide a long and reliable operating life, with minimal maintenance requirements. Depending on the configuration, it will be possible to achieve maximum linear speeds (unloaded) up to 300mm/sec, at accelerations of up to 6m/sec, and stroke lengths of up to 2m.

As with all Ewellix products, the new actuators will be backed by comprehensive technical and customer support services, with the company also providing an easy-to-use online product configurator.

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