Cervoz launches expansion cards with 3-in-1 form factor

4th November 2021
Sam Holland

Cervoz Technology will launch three more modular expansion cards as part of its embedded component offerings before the year is out.

The three new modular expansion cards (MECs) are the MEC-COM-2012 for 2-port RS232 and the MEC-COM-2032i for 2-port RS232/422/485 as well as the MEC-USB-2002, serial and USB solutions, respectively, that come in a 3-in-1 M.2 form factor.

The Q4 launch marks the second time this year that the Taiwan-based company is putting out new MEC products for customers in the industrial PC industry. Earlier in July 2021, Cervoz released four new MEC-LAN solutions for Ethernet connection expansion.

Comparable to the two M.2 Ethernet products from July 2021, the serial and USB products offer flexibility in their form factor design that is much sought after. While each product comes as an M.2 2280, it can be broken off by hand into an M.2 2260, and then further into an M.2 2242. This flexibility allows customers to modify the storage solution based on the space constraints of their application devices.

According to the company, the recent focus on developing new MEC products is prompted by a related trend in the downstream market. Namely, more and more application devices are adopting the M.2 slot in their design because of the multiple form factors – both long and short – that come with the M.2 interface.

This flexibility, which will be helpful for application devices that are limited in space, is what is pushing the industry as a whole to develop more M.2 MEC products. While all MEC products of the same connection do the same thing, regardless of who designs and manufactures them, Cervoz has attempted to differentiate its products by developing additional features.

These features are either designed into the structure of the product or adopted as add-ons. For two of the July MEC-LAN products, for instance, Cervoz used an isolated design that separates the circuits both physically and electrically. This design – which allows for a capacity to withstand up to 2.5 kilovolts of electrical surge – not only prevents any interference or harm to the device from the power source, but it also increases the overall safety of the device to users.

Two other features that Cervoz has highlighted are its wide temperature options and conformal coating. Both are features that can produce the MEC product from environmental conditions. The wide temperature option of the MEC product that Cervoz offers can operate normally between the extreme temperatures of −40˚C and +85˚C, whereas the standard, non-wide temperature option operates between temperatures of 0˚C and 70˚C. Meanwhile, conformal coating is a protective film that can be applied to the cards to protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and sunlight.

As Cervoz continues to innovate with products for its customers and their wide range of applications, these additional features are what will set the company apart from its competitors in the market. The company has reiterated its close relationship with customers and constant attention on market trends in order to develop new solutions that can meet and even anticipate customer needs.

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