Bluegfx to distribute ZTEdge web isolation

21st October 2021
James Anstee

Bluegfx and Ericom Software have announced that they have entered into a partnership to offer ZTEdge Web Isolation to Bluegfx's clients to support their Trusted Partner Network (TPN) initiatives associated with Motion Picture Association (MPA) Content Security Best Practices compliance. 

In a recent update to their security guidelines, the MPA recommended Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) as a best practice to enable both internal and third party users to safely use internet tools like email and web browsing from production devices, while fully protecting valuable intellectual property and pre-release content. This is highly significant, since previous editions of the guidelines had barred all internet and email access on production devices, making communication between third party creators and content owners, in particular, inefficient and frustrating.

Ericom’s RBI solution, ZTEdge Web Isolation, which has helped a number of organisations successfully pass their TPN Assessments, applies granular group or category-based policies that block users from uploading content from their devices or organisation networks to websites and/or attaching files to emails. Browser clipboard functions may be completely disabled, disabled for specific websites or website categories, or otherwise provide limited, controlled copy functions for specific websites. This allows for copying of data where it might be necessary while continuing to protect against loss of valuable content through, for example, peer-to-peer sites. Policy-based controls can be applied to ensure compliance with restrictions on file sizes or types, or the amount of copied data.

With ZTEdge Web Isolation, all active website content (which could potentially include hidden ransomware or other data-stealing malware) runs in a virtual isolated browser in the cloud or on a remote server, and is essentially removed before it can reach any internal networks or devices. This further protects organisations, beyond controlling browser functionality, by stopping malicious code from entering the organisation's network and enabling hackers to stage an attack and/or access valuable content. ZTEdge Web Isolation renders the web page content into an interactive media stream representing the website and sends it to the usual browser on the user's device, for a safe, fully interactive, high-performance browsing experience. For additional phishing protection, websites launched from URLs in emails can be rendered in read-only mode to prevent users from entering credentials. Attached files (if not blocked) are sanitized before being transmitted to endpoints, ensuring that malware within downloads cannot compromise users’ devices.

"Bluegfx is excited to offer our clients a leading solution that will significantly improve their users' productivity and reduce frustration by enabling them to access email and browse the web from their production devices, while meeting Trusted Partner Network (TPN) compliance requirements for protecting high value entertainment industry IP and content from cyberattacks, theft, and accidental loss," said Matt Allen, Bluegfx managing director. "We especially appreciate the modular ZTEdge Web Isolation approach, which enables our clients to easily integrate ZTEdge Web Isolation into their existing IT environments. ZTEdge neatly fulfils the needs of our clients in the film, VFX, animation and design spaces, delivering the highest level of security control for their organisations and clients."

"Given the high value of entertainment content and the MPA's commitment to empowering their members to protect it, we were pleased to see the MPA recognizes RBI, as delivered by solutions like ZTEdge Web Isolation, as a recommended approach to enable secure internet and email use on production devices," said Ravi Pather, Ericom vice president, Europe and Middle East. "We look forward to working closely with Bluegfx to help their clients move to a modern and secure approach to staying connected and productive while protecting valuable content from internet-based threats."

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