Tekcapital celebrates Guident autonomous vehicle partnership with industry on the rise

20th April 2022
Kiera Sowery

Tekcapital has announced an autonomous vehicle partnership between portfolio company Guident and Perrone Robotics.

The partnership combines Guident’s remote monitoring and teleoperation software of autonomous vehicles with Perrone Robotics’ vehicle kits and full autonomy software to meet the rising market demand for self-driving cars.

The news comes as the UK Government have announced changes to The Highway Code as Britain takes a step closer to autonomous vehicles, expressing that “motorists must be ready to resume control in a timely way if they are prompted to”, if they are in self-driving mode.

Transport Minister Rachel Maclean previously forecasted the autonomous vehicles industry to reach a market value of £41.7bn by 2035, with 40% of UK car sales involving self-driving technologies.

With Guident’s reliable low-latency teleoperations communications systems and Perrone Robotics’ autonomous vehicle kit, fleet operators will be able to provide testing environments and commercially deploy Level-4 autonomy AV shuttles across a range of vehicles.

The partnership is a key milestone for both companies who aim to enhance the scalable deployment of safe and reliable autonomous vehicle transport.

The announcement from the Department for Transport highlighted that “Britain’s first vehicles approved for self-driving could be ready for use later this year.”

Harald Braun, Executive Chairman of Guident, said: “We believe this strategic alliance will be a significant step towards the adoption of autonomous vehicles for municipalities. Perrone’s TONY AV kit couples with Guident’s RMCC is a turn-key solution for any municipality seeking vehicle independent, automated transit of people and goods in geo-fenced and localised operations.”

Paul Perrone, CEO of Perrone Robotics, commented: “We are really excited to partner with Guident to incorporate their remote monitoring and control software into vehicles equipped with our TONY full autonomous driver kit. As we are now addressing client demands for fleet level operations of multiple vehicles, and driverless operations, bringing remote monitoring and teleoperation controls to operations becomes a key element for scale. Together, Guident and Perrone Robotics are able to bring scalable fleet-level autonomous vehicle operations to clients for the first time.”

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