Strong Growth for Automatic Battery Disconnects in new Vehicles

1st November 2011
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At the Frankfurt Auto Show, Autoliv Inc announced that it is seeing high interest for its Pyrotechnic Safety Switch (PSS) from numerous OEMs for their electric vehicle models as well as for gasoline-powered cars and trucks.
The PSS is an automatic safety switch which utilizes a pyrotechnic initiator to cut the electrical power to a designated portion of the vehicle in a crash. The safety switch is activated by the same crash sensors as the airbags. Cutting the vehicle's electrical power minimizes the potential for a fire caused by a damaged electrical system exposed to flammable liquids or gases.

“Our customers see the Pyrotechnic Safety Switch as a necessary technology for their electric vehicles to automatically and safely cut off the immense stored electrical power to the powertrain and other systems that could be damaged in an accident”, stated Jan Carlson, Autoliv's President and CEO.

“For traditional light vehicles and commercial trucks, our customers are utilizing the PSS as an effective, low cost way to minimize the potential for a vehicle fire caused by an accident, thereby preventing people from being injured by the flames - especially if the car occupants are unconscious. This is another example which demonstrates how our products continue to enhance a vehicle's overall safety for the general public” added Carlson.

This year Autoliv expects to produce 1.6 million units of the PSS, mainly on luxury models. Production volumes are expected to more than double over the next three years as more vehicle manufacturers integrate this new safety technology into mid-scale higher volume platforms.

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