StoreDot on schedule for its 100InX product roadmap

13th February 2024
Paige West

StoreDot, a company developing extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles, has made significant strides in its technology roadmap for the next phase.

This progress is an extension of its earlier announcement about achieving production-ready cells that can charge up to 100 miles in five minutes within this year, with an aim to reach 100 miles in three minutes by 2028 as it moves closer to commercialisation.

The company's latest advancements are based on comprehensive design and engineering enhancements across the entire battery system, moving beyond a singular focus on charging speed. StoreDot's '100in4' technology strategy emphasises not only faster charging but also improvements in energy density and various technological advancements. Through this system-wide approach, StoreDot intends to enhance the practical performance of electric vehicles using the current charging infrastructure.

Aiming for at least a 10% boost in energy density over its '100in5' cells, StoreDot's efforts are set to allow electric vehicles to travel further on a single charge, even with existing charging speeds. This goal is supported by optimising various elements of the battery, such as its chemistry, cell and pack engineering, cooling systems, and internal connections.

With the '100in4' technology, StoreDot has already reached 1100 XFC cycles with a small form factor cell, showing an energy density of 340Wh/kg in a larger Electric Vehicle form factor, surpassing expectations ahead of schedule. The company is dedicated to further refining its XFC technology to produce cells capable of charging 100 miles in just four minutes by 2026.

The '100in4' prototype, utilising a 3Ah multi-layer small capacity battery cell with internal electrode layers akin to those in larger cells used in EV packs, demonstrates the scalability and maturity of StoreDot's technology for EV applications.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, CEO, StoreDot: “By taking a balanced, system-level approach, we are unlocking the full potential of our XFC battery technology to maximise real-world performance. Rather than prioritising charging speed, our plan focuses on technological enhancements across the board – energy density, cell and pack design, chemistry, and cooling optimisation. The result is an extremely fast charging experience that can be easily deployed on today's infrastructure.

“While this is an early prototype and there are still challenges to overcome, we can draw from our experience of seamlessly scaling up from a 3Ah to a >100Ah EV grade cell within months. We believe our roadmap provides a sustainable, practical, and proven path to delivering extreme fast charging that will accelerate mass EV adoption. We remain ahead of schedule for our planned milestones as we continue our path to commercialisation.”

StoreDot's upcoming 2024 milestones include demonstrating the world's first EV pack with XFC technology, delivering prismatic B-sample cells to OEMs, and expanding its presence in the US. The company is aligned with its timeline for the production readiness of XFC cells capable of charging 100 miles in five minutes this year, aiming for 100 miles in four minutes by 2026, and 100 miles in three minutes by 2028.

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