SMSC Launches New Cost-Down Version of MOST Intelligent Network Interface Controller

5th April 2011
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SMSC today announced the availability of its OS81092 Intelligent Network Interface Controller for MOST. The MOST50 technology with an electrical physical layer has been successfully deployed in many car models since it first hit the road in 2007. Now, SMSC is proud to announce the availability of a cost-down version of the well established MOST50 Intelligent Network Interface Controller - the OS81092.
The adoption of MOST50 electrical and Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cabling offers car makers increased flexibility for designing in-vehicle-networks while at the same time providing a potential savings on the physical layer interface and cabling.

The introduction of SMSC's OS81092 is the next step in the evolution of cost-effective infotainment solutions, said Dr. Christian Thiel, Vice President and General Manager of SMSC's Automotive Information Systems group. The change in process technology from flash-memory to ROM, the size reduction and the use of a highly cost-effective QFN package will allow car makers and their suppliers to easily adapt MOST technology while driving BOM costs lower.

Application of OS81092
MOST technology enables the networking of feature-rich infotainment systems in automobiles. Devices such as a DVD changer, a tuner box, a navigation unit, an amplifier and a telephone system can be interconnected to an efficient network using the OS81092. Audio signals can be digitally sent to an amplifier, allowing for crisp sound, and video signals can be digitally transferred to rear seat displays to generate a vivid movie experience.

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